New AVMA Guidelines Strongly Endorse Pet Insurance

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has developed and released new veterinary guidelines on pet health insurance (PHI), which includes encouraging vets to discuss insurance with their clients. This move supports the AVMA’s expressed belief, based on evidence, that pet insurance has tremendous impact on the veterinary practice’s profitability and the potential to help veterinarians effectively treat more pets. 

The AVMA’s guidelines can be found at:

Jules Benson, Chief Veterinary Officer for Nationwide and Chair of NAPHIA’s Veterinary Relations Committee says, “We’re hugely gratified by the thoughtful approach that the AVMA has taken in developing these new resources about pet health insurance.”

Both NAPHIA and AVMA’s economic research over the past few years has proven that pet insurance helps pet owners say ‘yes’ to their veterinarian’s recommendations and medical treatments. For NAPHIA’s research check out the Driving Growth of Pet Health Insurance Report.

 “AVMA’s recognition of the role that pet health insurance can play in veterinary medicine has been solidified into practical advice that can be used by veterinary teams on a daily basis, NAPHIA-member companies continue to be excited to partner with such a dynamic organization,” says Benson.