Get Your Pet Covered

Step 1: Get a Quote

NAPHIA does not offer insurance – our members do.

Visit FIND PET INSURANCE to choose one, or several, of our member providers and request a quote. All NAPHIA members provide FREE no obligation quotes to help you choose the right coverage.

Pet insurance premiums will vary based on your pets’ type (dog or cat), breed, and where you live in North America. The amount of the deductible you choose also impacts the cost of your coverage. You’re probably familiar with how deductibles work if you’ve ever purchased home or auto insurance.

Step 2: Choose the Right Coverage

With all insurance, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you want to keep your premium extremely low, it’s going to limit the amount of coverage you receive.

Before you decide what coverage is right for you, try to have some idea of the cost of veterinary care and some of the common conditions that affect your pet’s breed. This will help you know how much coverage you really need.

Try it on for size. Get a few quotes and compare companies, coverage and their unique features. Then choose the company with the products, coverage, brand and values that most appeal to you.

Remember, NAPHIA members all subscribe to high professional standards and pet insurance industry best practices!

Step 3: The Waiting Period

Your waiting period is the time between purchasing your pet insurance, and the date when your coverage becomes effective.

Because pet insurance covers your pets health, waiting period are designed to prevent fraudulent claims, such as trying to enroll immediately following an accident, or after a major illness has already been diagnosed.

For example, if you enrolled on January 1, your coverage for accidents may start 36 or 48 hours after enrolment.

Waiting period for an illness is typically longer – 14 or 21 days. Therefore, your pet insurance coverage would not start until that period was up.

Step 4: Coverage Begins

You pet is covered for either Accidents Only, Accident & Illnesses, or Wellness Care.