How to Claim

Know Your Policy

Be sure to read your policy to find out more about your coverage.

Most companies now offer their policies in plain language formats. Some plans only cover you in either the US or Canada (not both), while others cover you anywhere you travel in North America.

Visit Your Veterinarian

One of the benefits of pet insurance is that when your dog or cat is sick or injured, you don’t have to wait to see if they get worse before seeking care. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can go to the vet when you first notice something is wrong. Most coverage also allows you to visit any vet you choose.

Pay Your Veterinary Bill

Unless they have a ‘direct payment’ system in place, your pet insurance provider will reimburse you for the claim you make on the veterinary care you have already received. So pay the vet’s invoice or bill once you receive it.

Unless your claim is particularly complex, you’ll be reimbursed quickly. Pet insurances companies in North America have extremely fast turnaround on claims, typically two weeks or less, so you won’t be out of pocket for long. In extreme cases—such as in the case of costly operations and specialized veterinary procedures—your vet may contact your insurance company to arrange direct payment.

If you know your pet has a complicated and costly treatment planned, have your vet practice call your provider to arrange direct payment to the practice.

Fill Out Your Claim Form

Complete your claim form and have your veterinary office sign it. If you remind them, many veterinary clinics will make a note in your medical files and keep forms from your provider on hand. Some practices will even help you fill them out!

NAPHIA member companies also have claim forms available on their website that you can download whenever you need them.

Don’t forget to get your veterinarian or their staff to sign your form!

Fax, Mail or Upload Your Claim Form

It’s easy to send in your claim. You can choose to either fax, mail, email or even directly upload your scanned claim form to your pet health insurance provider, along with a copy of your paid and itemized veterinary bill.

Receive Your Check or Direct Deposit

Once your pet insurance provider receives your claim form, it will be assessed by a claims advisor and then processed for speedy payment.

With most companies, you will receive reimbursement within two weeks of the receipt of your claim. Some companies even offer direct deposit into your checking account. Ask your pet insurance provider’s customer service representative if this service is available.

Your reimbursement will be for the claim amount minus any applicable co-insurance and deductible. Your accident or illness coverage limits will also apply.

Feel Much Better

Feel reassured knowing that your pet has access to the best veterinary care available—and that your finances are protected too.