Our Mandate

NAPHIA’s purpose in North America is to:

  • Collectively drive growth for, and acceptance of, the pet insurance industry, its members, and its products through public and industry awareness initiatives, shared resources, and industry transparency
  • Be a neutral voice for the reporting and dissemination of information about the benefits of pet health insurance, and our industry
  • Promote competitive choice for consumers about how pet insurance functions, as well as the spectrum of coverage options available
  • Explore and develop partnerships with other insurance, industry, animal welfare organizations and professionals who share complimentary aspects of our work and mandate
  • Provide support to individual NAPHIA member companies in educating, marketing, and distributing information on the industry, across a wide variety of audiences and markets.

Our Endeavours

The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) is a freestanding body comprised of reputable and experienced pet health insurance companies and pet health professionals.

As a self-governing, regulating and supporting organization, we are committed to advancing and growing our industry by pooling resources, sharing information, and working together to identify and address challenges and opportunities.

Our Goals

  • To set high standards for the industry on service, coverage and transparency.
  • To be a central resource for the development, analysis, reporting and publishing of information on pet health insurance
  • To work towards ensuring a better quality of life for pets (and their people), by supporting our members in their distribution and promotion of the broadest possible spectrum of pet health insurance coverage options

Our Promise

Our members are committed to provide coverage options that reduce the stress on individuals and families caused by pet medical treatment situations that are so often impacted by an additional layer of financial trauma.

As an industry we champion a range of products that provide for optimized and ongoing medical treatment of companion animals.

We work collaboratively to advocate to regulators towards better pet insurance standards in North America – within national and regional regulatory environments – where pets are defined as “property” on the same level as a home, car or boat.

Our industry is committed to educating pet parents, the animal health community, the public and the media about why pet health insurance should be considered as a precept of responsible pet ownership. We work proactively with the veterinary profession to advance the quality, frequency and accessibility of veterinary (and associated) medical treatment for the pets of North America.