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NAPHIA’s research proves that a majority of veterinarians wish all of their clients had pet health insurance, yet the number of clients with pet health insurance is relatively low. Based upon extensive research and interviews with veterinarians, this easy-to-implement guide provides veterinary teams with the 10 best practices that successful clinics already use to grow an insured patient base. We also provide handy tips for how to realize the positive benefits of pet insurance for improved practice ‘health’.

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AVMA Webinar

Pet Insurance: Better Patient Care, More Practice Revenue & Happier Clients

This webinar, led by AVMA chief economist Dr. Matt Salois, will help you have quality conversations with clients to communicate the benefits of pet insurance and assist them in making choices that are right for their situation. Pet insurance helps your clients say “Yes” to your Plan A treatment recommendation.

Designed to help your team have quality conversations with clients, this webinar will help you better communicate the benefits of pet insurance and assist them in making choices that are right for their situation. Learn what research studies tell us about the importance and value of pet health insurance. You’ll also hear the practical experiences of veterinary teams who have been working with clients to have productive conversations about insurance to improve patient care.

Length: Approximately 1 hour

Best Practices Guide For Veterinary Teams

NAPHIA has developed this simple, down-loadable and print-ready guide called Best Practices Guide for Veterinary Teams, that’s based on research and in-depth interviews with veterinarians whose strategies have allowed them to successfully implement and benefit by promoting pet insurance in their practice. Extensive research among pet owners provides evidence that clients support veterinarians who take a more proactive approach.

The purpose of this Best Practices Initiative for Veterinary Teams is to demonstrate how the practice can play a more effective role in educating clients about pet health insurance.

By simply following the 10 best practices and guidelines we’ve detailed, you and your team can support your clients in determining how to use pet health insurance to help cover their costs of care.

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