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Pet Insurance in North America

While pet insurance has existed elsewhere since the early 1900s, famous TV collie Lassie received the first pet insurance policy issued in the United States in 1982.

Today, the pet insurance marketplace in North America is comprised of about 25 companies, several of whom also market and/or underwrite multiple white label or co-branded products, representing at least 20 additional pet insurance product brands. NAPHIA State of the Industry data participants represent approximately 98% of the policies in effect in the U.S. and Canada

Each year, NAPHIA conducts an industry-wide survey in order to gather and analyze data around a set of established benchmarks, and produces the State of the Industry (SOI) Report.

RELEASED MAY 2023 – The report shows that close to 5.36 million pets were insured in North America at the end of 2022 and that the pet health insurance marketplace increased 21.7% from the 4.4 million total pets insured in 2021.

NAPHIA State of the Industry 2023 Highlights

As compiled by actuary consultants Willis Towers Watson, the State of the Industry Report provides our association and survey participants with insights on key performance metrics, as well as informs the greater marketplace about the growth of the North American pet health insurance industry.

Report Highlights

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