4 Easy Ways to Help Pets in Need – No Checkbook Required

If there’s one thing that can be said “fur sure” about pet lovers, it’s that they’ll do anything to make life better for four-legged friends. But giving to favorite causes doesn’t require a lot of effort – in fact, there are ways to support animal organizations just by doing everyday things like shopping, exercising and cleaning up.

To kick off 2015 on the right paw, Petplan pet insurance is highlighting simple ways people make a difference in the lives of pets in need. Top picks include:

  • Shop ’til You Drop: Whether shoppers are stocking up on Snausages® or cruising for shoes, many websites will pool moolah for furry friends at no additional cost.
  • AmazonSmile donates a portion of eligible purchases to a charity of the consumer’s choice. And with more than 3,800 pet-related causes, it’s an easy way to help dogs and cats in need.
  • Other sites to try include iGive.com and Goodsearch.com. Paw it Forward: Protecting your own pet while helping those in need is a win/win in any pet parent’s playbook. Petplan’s philanthropic endeavors–collectively, “Petplanthropy”–include the Petplan Fund, which serves pets in need.
  • In 2014, Petplan introduced a gift-matching program. Pet parents who sign up for Petplan insurance can donate to the Petplan Fund at checkout and Petplan will match the gift dollar for dollar.
  • All money raised is given to animal shelters and rescues across the country.
  • Since launching, Petplan has contributed over $570,000 to support animal welfare. Sweat for Pets: Dog parents already strut with their mutts every day – why not raise some cash while they’re at it?
  • Apps like Charity Miles let pet parents earn up to 25 cents for each mile they walk, run or bike for the charity of their choice.
  • Charity walks, runs and obstacle events often include pet registration.
  • Mutt Struts, Rescue Runs, Dog Jogs and Wag’n’Walks are held in almost every town and registration is usually $25 or less. Don’t Agonize – Organize: While cleaning out the pet cubby, pet parents can find more than lost shoes and socks.
  • Pet supplies, unused medications and computer technology can be donated to Project V.E.T.S., which distributes the items to non-profit organizations helping animals around the globe. Later this month, Petplan will be joining paws with Project V.E.T.S. to conduct a supply drive among policyholders.
  • For an easy way to turn trash into treasure and help pets in need, pet parents can list unwanted items on eBay through their Giving Works program, which lets sellers choose non-profit organizations to benefit from their sales.

For pets in need, life can be “ruff” indeed. But by following these simple suggestions, pet lovers can give them the Happy “Mew” Year they truly deserve. For more information about Petplan’s efforts to support four-legged friends, visit http://www.gopetplan.com/petplan-fund.

Reprinted from Insurance News Net