5 Howliday Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

Although the holidays may be a fun-filled festive time for us pet owners, they can also be a time for our pets to get into some trouble around the house. As you and your family get ready and partake in Christmas events, it’s important to keep a close eye on our furry pets and make sure they stay as safe as possible!

Pawties can be stressful!

Tip #1

The holidays are a popular time for family gatherings and parties, but the excessive noise and new faces can create unwanted stress for your furry friend. Stress can affect pets in different ways—just like us humans—but potential symptoms include: digestive issues, decreased appetite, aggression towards other animals or visitors and even an increase in sleeping. Try creating a calming retreat away from all the commotion, that allows your pet to stay relaxed and stress-free through the party!

No noses allowed!

Tip #2

Holiday treats and festive drinks are starting to fill the tables in your home and the delicious smell is enticing to your pet. Many dishes include ingredients that can be harmful to pets, including garlic, walnuts, macadamia nuts, raisins, alcohol and of course chocolate. If your pet ingests these foods, it can cause tummy aches, organ failure and other harmful side effects that might result in an unwanted trip to the vet. Keep your food and beverages out of reach or covered to keep those mouths from snatching up the delicious treats! Make sure you also warn your guests not to give into the begging by sneaking them a treat while you aren’t looking!

Oh, Christmas Tree, how sturdy are your branches?

Tip #3

If you’ve ever had a real tree, you know pine needles are bound to make their way to the floor and if your pets get ahold of them they can cause digestive issues. The water base is not another water bowl and although the water is not poisonous (unless you fertilize your tree) pine needles and other debris can get trapped in the water so make sure it’s covered completely.

If you have cats who climb or a dog who likes to sneak their way under the Christmas tree, make sure the tree, whether real or artificial, is properly secured and safe so it doesn’t come tumbling down and injuring your pet.

Dashing through the streets…

Tip #4

Visiting family and friends over the holidays is a common occurrence. If you’re bringing your pet along, make sure you’re thinking about them! Depending on the duration of your travels, pack some water, treats, a meal and maybe stop for a walk or two along the way. Any way to make sure you keep your pup or kitty comfortable during the car ride.

Deck the halls, but not with holly…

Tip #5

Holly and mistletoe are both popular plants that come out during the holidays, but can cause stomach issues, a drop-in blood pressure, breathing problems, and even hallucinations. If a large amount is ingested it could be deadly, so we suggest keeping it out of reach or just avoid decking your halls.

By following these five holiday safety tips, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the holiday festivities with your family, friends and pets and less time at your local veterinary clinic.

Wishing you a Happy Howlidays, Meowy Christmas and a Safe Happy New Year from all of us at NAPHIA!