2015 Summit Speaker Series Unleashed: Michael Weissman

Why the Pet Insurance Industry Could Be Growing Faster And What To Do About It

Since 2009, the North American pet health insurance market has seen an average annual growth rate of 13.2%. While this progress is a huge achievement, much of the estimated market for pet insurance remains untapped.

The opportunity is there, so the question becomes, “What barriers are really holding us back”?

Strategist, author and Summit speaker Michael Weissman believes that the fine art of managing customer expectations plays a large role. In The Paradox of Excellence, he explores the unexpected disconnect between improved performance – offering a higher level of product or service – and perceived value. He posits that, when you continually improve your offering, it can be taken for granted and expectations are then raised to unachievable levels.

This is just one of the many concepts that Michael will touch on in his presentation. Taking a close look at the dynamics currently operating within the pet insurance marketplace, Michael will introduce three key strategic perspectives that will help you take a fresh look at your organization and our industry as a whole.

According to Weissman, these three models can help explain current consumer adoption rates, barriers to market penetration, the true drivers of customer satisfaction and much, much more.

So, what’s holding the pet insurance industry back? Join us at Summit 2015 for some penetrating and eye-opening insights!