2015 Summit Speaker Series Unleashed: Simon Wheeler

Success Stories and Trends From Sweden and The UK

We are proud to introduce Simon Wheeler, our first-ever NAPHIA Summit speaker from Sweden – a country where pet health insurance (PHI) success is off the charts.

With a market penetration of 80% for dogs and 35% for cats, the question must be asked: why has PHI become so successful in Sweden? And what are Swedish companies doing differently to drive such incredible uptake?

Through an in-depth analysis of PHI trends in both Sweden and the UK, Simon will discuss the history of Sweden’s PHI industry, shed light on the success of white label pet insurance programs in the UK, and examine key industry trends that we can compare to those unfolding here North America.

With an impressive 25 years of industry knowledge, and considerable presentation skills, he’ll provide unique insights into those markets and a fresh perspective on our own. Simon Wheeler’s experience includes roles as Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance Limited, CEO of the UK branch of Försäkringsaktiebolaget Agria (publ.) and Founding Director of Pinnacle Pet Healthcare (part of BNP/Paribas).

Simon can also be found in front of the camera on the BBC TV insurance fraud series Claimed and Shamed, which follows a team of insurance investigators hunting down suspected fraudsters!

What can we learn from Sweden and the UK? Join us at Summit 2015 for a full analysis.