2015 Summit Speaker Series Unleashed: Louie Gravance

Creating a Magical Client Experience, How the Big Dogs Do It

The North American pet health insurance industry has transformed the way insurance is delivered to clients. From pet-friendly offices to personal and compassionate company-client relationships, our industry is truly unique.

So whether it’s a proud pet owner calling in to get a quote, or a loyal policy-holder making a first claim, continuing to transform and perfect customer experience is essential to long-term success. You are only as good as your reputation, and your reputation hinges on each and every client interaction.

Summit 2015 speaker Louie Gravance has spent the past decade helping organizations overhaul their customer service efforts. During his time at Disney World – the happiest place on earth – he had an opportunity to fine-tune the key principles of “creating magic” for clients, and at Summit, he’ll provide the thinking and processes to help to define and design the ideal experience for your organization and the industry as a whole.

Louie prides himself on his ability to apply the skills learned at Disney in any type of organization, by promoting actionable changes to improve customer satisfaction. He is high-energy and quick thinking – a speaker that is bound to be a highlight of Summit 2015!