Thank you for your interest in the Pet Insurance Best Practices Guide

NAPHIA has developed this simple, down-loadable and print-ready guide called Best Practices Guide for Veterinary Teams, that’s based on research and in-depth interviews with veterinarians whose strategies have allowed them to successfully implement and benefit by promoting pet insurance in their practice.

To download your copy of the Pet Insurance Best Practices Guide:

AVMA Webinar – Pet Insurance: Better Patient Care, More Practice Revenue & Happier Clients

This webinar, led by AVMA chief economist Dr. Matt Salois, will help you have quality conversations with clients to communicate the benefits of pet insurance and assist them in making choices that are right for their situation. Pet insurance helps your clients say “Yes” to your Plan A treatment recommendation.


  • Dr. Matt Salois, AVMA chief economist – Featured Presenter
  • Charlotte Hansen, assistant director of statistical analysis, AVMA Veterinary Economics Division
  • John Volk, senior consultant, Brakke Consulting
  • Dr. Warren Briggs, founder and hospital director, Ocean County Veterinary Group

Included in this Webinar:

  • Recent econometric research conducted by the AVMA and Mississippi State University on the differences in veterinary care expenditures among insured dog owners vs. uninsured dog owners.
  • Additional consumer and veterinary research on the importance of pet health insurance to the practice, to clients, and to patient care.
  • In-the-trenches insights and best practices to help your hospital team talk with clients about the importance of pet insurance – including where, when, and how to most effectively help your clients.
  • The webinar was originally offered by the AVMA for 1 CE credit, and was also posted on AVMA’s On-demand CE Webinar page after the live event.

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