Veterinary Initiatives

You have a role to play

As a vet, you want what’s best for the dogs and cats you treat—and their pet parents, too. Knowing that your clients have pet insurance means that when accident or injury strikes, your patients are more likely to come in sooner and receive the full range of care that they need.

NAPHIA’s research proves you play an important role in helping your clients become better informed about pet insurance.

Because we understand this, NAPHIA has made veterinary research and education initiatives a major focus of our organization.



Pet Insurance Best Practices Guide – New!

NAPHIA’s research proves that a majority of veterinarians wish all of their clients had pet health insurance, yet the number of clients with pet health insurance is currently low. Based upon extensive research and interviews with veterinarians, this guide provides veterinary teams with the 10 best practices successful clinics use to grow an insured patient base and how to realize the positive benefits of pet insurance for improved practice ‘health’.
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Driving Growth of Pet Health Insurance Report (2016)

In 2016, NAPHIA undertook a comprehensive research initiative of both pet owners and veterinarians and their beliefs and activities around health pet insurance. The surprising findings can help veterinarians and clinics understand the opportunities, messages and information that can be leveraged while further driving growth of pet health insurance. Going forward, this study will help veterinary professionals (and their pet-owning clientele) to reap the benefits of pet health insurance. Learn More