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Pet Insurance Really Does Pay!

December 3, 2015

The variety of binds that our furry friends can get themselves into are endless, and hopefully they end on a positive note with a healthy pet and a funny story. This was the case for Jax, a schnauzer whose story shows that pet insurance really does pay, and that leaves us with a laugh at […]

Family Thankful For Support After Pet Injured

November 21, 2015

Thankfully, the Hogan’s pet Daisy is recovering after sustaining serious injuries in a hit-and-run, but the mounting veterinary bills have been hard on the family. Although the Hogan’s have been hugely supported by friends, family and strangers who have donated to help cover Daisy’s care through a crowd-sourcing campaign, in the future Hogan says “I know […]

What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

November 18, 2015

From veterinarians to government spokespersons, more and more experts are recommending pet health insurance. The key take-home message? Make sure you shop around for a policy that works for you and your pet, and read the exclusions so that there are no surprises down the road. For many of us, our beloved pets are like family. They […]

Pet Insurance Takes Bite Out of Vet Bills

November 9, 2015

TORONTO – Investing in pet insurance may not have saved his beloved yellow lab Avery from cancer, but Norm Wilner says it did save him from paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for her treatments. Wilner, a 47-year-old film writer, decided it was a good idea to get pet insurance straight away for Avery, since Lab […]

Pet Insurance: To buy or not to buy?

November 5, 2015

Pet insurance really does pay – and here are some stories to prove it! From Boss the English Bulldog to helping to stop economic euthanasia, watch this great video that shows how insurance can give pet parents peace of mind (and protect their wallets) while securing the best care possible for our furry friends. GOLDEN VALLEY, […]

When You Wished You Had Pet Insurance…

November 4, 2015

Our pets can get into many kinds of prickly situations, and although dogs will always be dogs it can be difficult to predict the cost of medical care when accidents happen. The veterinary treatment for these dogs who got into a tussle with a porcupine are approaching $10K. While this pet owner was lucky enough to obtain funds […]

5 Surprising Facts About Pet Insurance

October 26, 2015

Pet insurance can help offset the costs of paying a veterinarian to diagnose, treat, and manage a pet’s illness or injury. An unexpected illness or injury can happen at any time. Pet owners will probably incur at least one $2,000 to $4,000 bill for emergency pet care at some point during their pet’s lifetime, says […]

The Right Way to Think About Pet Insurance

October 19, 2015

If you’ve done online research elsewhere, you may have seen articles about whether pet insurance is “worth it”—specifically, whether the costs you pay equal or exceed the benefit payouts you get from the pet insurance policy. This is entirely the wrong way to think about pet insurance (or any insurance). You don’t buy insurance with […]

4 Easy Ways to Help Pets in Need – No Checkbook Required

January 14, 2015

If there’s one thing that can be said “fur sure” about pet lovers, it’s that they’ll do anything to make life better for four-legged friends. But giving to favorite causes doesn’t require a lot of effort – in fact, there are ways to support animal organizations just by doing everyday things like shopping, exercising and […]

Trupanion, Inc. Expands Footprint through New Partnership with VCA

January 12, 2015

Trupanion, Inc. TRUP, -1.99% and VCAWOOF, -0.92% announced a new partnership today to help pets receive the best veterinary care possible. The partnership expands Trupanion’s footprint, naming it the preferred vendor for medical insurance for cats and dogs across VCA’s veterinary hospitals throughout the United States.  VCA clients who enroll will have the peace of mind that comes with a medical […]