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Registration Now Open for the NAPHIA Leadership Forum 2019

February 5, 2019

Don’t pro-cat-stinate because registration is now open for the NAPHIA Leadership Forum 2019! During this two-day event you’ll get an exclusive insider’s look at the pet health insurance industry, while expanding your knowledge and networking with industry professionals. Take advantage of the hot desert sun and year-round outdoor fun Phoenix, Arizona has to offer while staying at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix. This intensive two-day event […]

NYT Money Advisor: Pet Health Insurance

January 19, 2019

An increasing number of animal owners are seeking sophisticated medical treatments for their animals. Pet Health Insurance could protect against budget-busting events costing thousands of dollars, or worse: economic euthanasia. Read some questions and answers about pet health insurance here.

Millennials Poised to be Generation to Make Pet Health Insurance the Norm

December 19, 2018

Millennials, or those people born between 1980 and 1995, are more likely to spend money on their pets in the form of organic foods, high quality medications, entertainment and other services. With 80% of these young people calling their pet a part of the family, acceptance of pet health insurance as a necessary protection could […]

Pet Care Costs on the Rise: Report Shows Lack of Insurance Leads to Big Bills

October 18, 2018

Consumer Affairs shared a report from ndp analytics found that pet owners spend anywhere from $9,000 to more than $13,000 for medical treatments over the course of a companion animals’ lifetime. And most of the time, cats and dogs aren’t covered by medical insurance. With animals living longer, and becoming closer to family than ever […]

New York Times: Pets Are Like Family

October 18, 2018

Pet owners spent nearly $70 billion on pet products in 2017. A large part of this spend, and most unexpected for pet owners, is the cost of drugs and medical procedures. Owners can spend between an estimated 9K and 13K US on their pets’ lifetime medical bills. Our pets have become more and more a […]

Report Predicts Rapid Growth in U.S. Pet Insurance

October 9, 2018

While Naphia doesn’t project growth in North America’s pet health insurance industry, Packaged Facts has released a new report projecting that insurers writing policies in the United States will do $2 billion in business by 2022, nearly double 2017’s total. Read more in Today’s Veterinary Business about key factors driving this growth.

John Volk on Today’s Veterinary Business

October 3, 2018

Pet health insurance benefits Veterinary Practices. Pet owners spend 29 percent more annually on veterinary care for insured dogs versus uninsured dogs. And that number shoots up to 81 percent on insured cats. Pet owners are far more likely to purchase pet health insurance if their veterinarian actively recommends it. Persuading clients to sign up […]

Dr. Ian Kupkee: Do Pets Need Health Insurance?

September 17, 2018

Dr. Ian Kupkee is well-experienced to advise on pet health insurance. Before applying to veterinary school, the lead practitioner at Sabal Chase Animal Clinic worked as a financial advisor. When advising on financial security, he would often start with a discussion on the importance of insurance. At that time, the understanding was that insurance was crucial in […]

A Better Way: Tips for Selecting Pet Health Insurance

September 13, 2018

Our pets can get sick or injured just like the human members of the family. And when they do, the vet bills can be prohibitive, leading us to have to make huge decisions in stressful situations. With most pet parents in the U.S. still without pet health insurance coverage, it’s not uncommon for people to skip […]