Deb Leon

What Pet Parents Really Want (and Why)

May 25, 10:05 AM – 11:10 AM

–Access, affordability and tech

This presentation will explore Telemedicine, Technology and the Consumer beginning with what pet parents expect from their providers and the likely roadmap for telehealth in the companion animal space.  We will share our data from over 11,000 interactions, including why pet parents are reaching out and what the outcomes are when provided with instant access to veterinary support. In addition, we’ll discuss the impact of telehealth availability on those pet owners who do not seek appropriate care currently. Also, how to assess the value of a telehealth on demand veterinary support services using methodologies employed on the human health side.

Most importantly, what is it that pet parents really want from those of us who provide services to them?

Deb Leon, whiskerDocs

Deb Leon, CEO of whiskerDocs

Pet owners’ increasing expectation for instant access to information has created real stimulus for innovation from pet industry providers. whiskerDocs, an enterprise level service company offering on demand decision support service for pet parents, has emerged as an industry leader in companion animal telehealth. Deb Leon, along with co-founder Trevor Page, launched their 24 hour a day service, offering real time live chat and telephonic support to pet parents in late fall of 2013 and by spring of 2015 were providing services to over 600,000 pet owners.

Prior to founding whiskerDocs, Ms. Leon had founded and operated Health Contact Partners, serving over 4 million families (7 million individuals) with its URAC and NCQA accredited 24/7 Health Services Call Center. H.C.P.’s clients included health plans, self-insured employers, third party administrators and Taft-Hartley organizations, providing online health portals including electronic health records and interactive tools such as symptom checkers and video library. H.C.P. was the first organization of its kind to offer secure live chat with Registered Nurses. Their integrated offering was the first of its kind, and still remains the model for comprehensive decision support delivery today.

In 2008, Ms. Leon sold her company, Health Contact Partners (H.C.P.), to Trustmark Insurance, after establishing herself as a significant market leader for innovations in on demand clinical decision and resource support.

Prior to founding H.C.P. Ms. Leon worked for a leading telephonic disease management company, CorSolutions, whose services included chronic condition management for individuals with conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain and more, as well as wellness and 24/7 nurse line support.