NAPHIA Initiatives

Working Committees

NAPHIA’s Board has established working committees to advance the following initiatives for the organization:

  • Veterinary Relations – liaising and working with veterinary professional bodies and groups in the US and Canada to address mutual opportunities.
  • Research & Benchmarking – working with 3rd party research, analysts, consulting and actuary firms to gather and prepare quantitative and qualitative data and reports on the pet insurance industry, and related trends.
  • Events (Leadership Forum) – organizing and promoting events that provide networking, education, professional development opportunities for member organizations.
  • Regulatory – pursuing opportunities to simplify, improve, advance, and promote insurance law and regulations in the various legal jurisdictions across the US and Canada.
  • Anti-Fraud – seeking ways and means to reduce fraudulent activities in the marketplace, educate member company staff through fraud prevention initiatives, and protect pet insurance policyholders from rising premiums due to insurance fraud, all while protecting their privacy and security.