The Pet Health Insurance Industry in North America

While pet insurance has existed worldwide since the early 1900s, famous TV collie Lassie received the first pet insurance policy in the United States in 1982. Since its arrival in the North American market, the pet insurance industry has seen incredible growth year after year.

Today the pet insurance marketplace has more than 12 companies, many of whom also market or underwrite multiple white label or co-branded products. NAPHIA members collectively represent more than 20 different pet insurance brands currently marketed across the US and Canada.


179 million

pets in North America*.

over 1.6 million

North American pets insured by NAPHIA members.

$774 million

is the estimated value of the North American pet insurance market.

*Results from 2013-14 National Pet Owners Survey (APPA)

For more information about the insurance industry, please visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada.