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In the cat education center owners and enthusiast can find all sort of cat information relating to cat breeds, health, and care and ownership. Taking care of your cat involves a lot of joy, but there are also times when you just want to learn more. This center is meant to help you find the answer to those questions. Please feel free to look around and see what it you can do to be a better cat parent.

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Feline at Vet

Feline Diabetes

Diabetes affects a cat’s ability to regulate blood sugar as well as its ability to metabolize fat and protein. Extreme thirst and frequent urination are early signs of diabetes. Though it is not curable, diabetes in cats can be managed through diet and medication…

Cat Eating

Obesity in Cats

People like to joke about “fat cats,” but obesity is a serious problem that can lead to diabetes, arthritis, and other health issues. Proper diet and exercise is just as important for cats as it is for humans. Owners should work with their veterinarian to develop a diet and exercise plan for an overweight feline…

Cat Sitting

Benefits of Neutering Male Cats

Some owners don’t see the point of neutering their cats, especially if the cat is kept indoors. Unneutered cats have a strong desire to roam, and may be prone to running away. They also have a tendency to urinate on carpet, walls, and furniture…


How to Safely Change a Cat’s Diet

Switching a cat’s diet haphazardly can cause finicky eating habits and stomach upset. But as a cat grows from a kitten to an adult, and from an adult to a senior, his diet needs will change. Slow and steady changes can help ease the transition…

Cat Standing

Cat Constipation

When a cat cannot fully pass feces, it’s known as constipation. This condition can be caused by diet, inadequate water intake, or as a result of another illness. Treatment will vary based upon the cause, but if the constipation is mild, it can be easily treated…

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